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Aldebaran Technologies has no intention of creating another Portal site. These links are small in number, and represent my most frequently accessed websites. I hope you will find them as useful as I do.

    Software Download
  • C|net's shareware.com is a massive, searchable index of software for many different operating systems.
  • Paperbits Support Center: Unfortunately, hardware drivers for Windows NT can be hard to find. But if they exist, odds are you can find them here.
    Buy Computer Stuff
  • C|net's computers.com is most useful for its reliable reviews and comparisons between many types of hardware, as well as its list of latest prices from different Web vendors.
  • NewEgg: The best place to buy computer parts. Great prices, fast shipping, NewEgg is the best.
  • Cyberguys: A great place to find obscure hardware, gadgets, and accessories.
  • You can pretty much count on Buy.com to lave the lowest prices on a wide selection of hardware, software, and more.
    News and Weather
  • cnn.com is, of course, the best news site with many different categories, more so than any news site I've seen.
  • C|net's news.com is your one and only stop for tech news.
  • The Weather Channel lets you find the forcast in thousands of cities in the US (and probably elsewhere, but I've never checked). Not as reliable as a local newscast, but still very handy.
  • Slashdot.org News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
  • Amazon.com goes without saying. Their inventory is mind-boggling.