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Why movie reviews?

Don't you find it annoying when you read a review of a movie you want to see, only to have the entire plot spelled out before you? I hate that. Ever disagree with Roger Ebert (or, perhaps I should rephrase: have you ever agreed with Roger Ebert)?

I wanted to offer my own views of movies, in a light-hearted and fun-to-read fashion. I'll only review movies I see in theaters (they way they were meant to be seen), and I rate the entire movie-going experience. A bad theater has been known to hurt scores (albeit slightly), and some really good popcorn may even help a score.

But most importantly, I very rarely give away much, if any, of the plot. My reviews are safe to read before seeing the movie yourself. Spoiler-free, as the kids call it.

Unlike movie reviewers who try to be original by coming up with all sorts of strange rating methods ("so I give this movie two very ripe turnips"), I use the standard tried-and-true four star method:

    **** - Freakin' Awesome
    *** - Pretty good
    ** - Pretty crappy
    * - Blows. Avoid it.
Additionally, half-stars (and occasionally even quarter-stars) can fine-tune the rating.