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What makes a good website?

A lot of web designers these days seem to have, in my mind, skewed priorities. They'll put up front a flashy but slow-loading and frivolous animation that you have to sit through before you can get anywhere on their site. Some will design a site so that it only works with one web browser. And there are even those who load the page with annoying animations that have no place in a professional site.

Aldebaran Technologies has some set priorities in designing websites.

  • Professionalism: No matter the content, a website should look clean and professional. This is best accomplished through the use of custom-designed graphics that fit with the overall site theme. Anybody can throw together a site with graphics culled from elsewhere on the web, but it probably won't look good.
  • Speed: Broadband Internet connections are great, but the vast majority of Internet users still dial over a 33.6K or 56K line. It would be foolish to build a website that doesn't load quickly even over a slow connection.
  • Ease of Use: The site should be intuitive and as un-mazelike as possible. The best rule of thumb is that no page should be more than two clicks away from any other. Furthermore, the user should never be forced to use the web browser's "Back" button.
  • Compatibility: Yes, there are people out there who don't browse the web with Internet Explorer. Quite a few, actually. To design a website that refuses to work with different or older web browsers is to cut off a significant portion of your potential client base. There's no reason for this. Also, a website should be scalable in resolution, from a minimum of 640x480 or 800x600, up through 1600x1200. Never force a user to change his or her browsing preferences to suit your site.

With these points in mind, Aldebaran Technolgies can design and build your website, and for a surprisingly low cost. There's no cookie-cutter pricing here, everything is customized to your needs. Your cost would depend on how much graphic design is required, how many pages you need, and how much custom back-end programming is needed. Aldebaran Technologies has created websites from simple and low-cost, all the way to fully-custom e-commerce sites designed from scratch.

Web designers who write code by hand, instead of relying on a web-authoring program, are a dying breed. Authoring programs tend to stifle creativity, and are therefore the tools of lazy web designers. Aldebaran Technolgies always has, and always will, build sites and web applications using the raw code. I feel that's the only way to get exactly what you want. Of course, an intimite understanding of HTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP, and XML is required, but why should you expect less?

Aldebaran Technologies has been designing websites since 1995.